Osumanu Tours is a special initiative that offers you tour services in Ghana. It was concieved based on numerous tour experiences with both local and international visitors in order to meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority and we have, for that matter, put in place the necessary arrangements to help take care of your accommodation, transportation, food and safety right from your arrival.
We take you to various tourist sites around Ghana according to your interests. Some of these sites include Kakum National Park, Kwame Nkrumah Museum, Wli falls, Boti falls, Manhyia Place, Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle, Aburi Botanical Gardens, Teteh Quarshie cocoa farm, Assin Manso Slave River Site etc... From Ghana, we can also take you to Togo and Benin.

We also provide you with the required information. We are available all the time and expecting to see you soon.

Brief History About Ghana

Ghana, formally known as Gold Coast, is an independent formal british colony that has maintained English as its official language. Situated in West Africa and having borders with Togo to the East, Burkina Faso to the North, Ivory Coast to the West and Gulf of Guinea to the South, Ghana gained its independence on the 6th March, 1957 with Dr Kwame Nkrumah as the first president and father of the nation.
Ghana has a rich culture and is endowed with enormous resources namely gold, diamond, oil and gas, bauxite, manganese, cocoa and many more.
Ghana is known to have fervently engaged in slave trade living us today with such historic landmarks like the slave castles that have become popular tourist sites for both local and international visitors.
Talking about climate, Ghana has a tropical climate. There are two seasons namely rainy season from April to November with average temperatures between 22⁰C and 28⁰C, and dry season from December to March with average temperatures between 26⁰C 32⁰C.
Ghana has varied flora and fauna (biodiversity) with tick green vegetations which are homes for many animals across the country. A visit to zoo and botanical gardens reveal these varieties.

Manhyia Palace

Manhyia Palace houses the king of Ashantis, Otumfor Osei Tutu the II. As a costodian, he defends and helps preserve our rich culture. Tourists from around the world have had enjoyable and unforgetable memories after their visit to this palace.

Art Centre

A visit to art centres makes our tourists get in touch with african and ghanaian culture. There are so many art objects and symbols to observe or purchase.


Visitors from across the world namely Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia have long enjoyed our services and keep coming back.

Seaside Resort

This seaside resort is located in central region of Ghana and offers visitors a pleasant feeling of home coming, a place of relaxation that gives you a total peace of mind.

Badge tour site

A visit to Badge tour site offers you the chance to observe various kind of wild animals. Thousands of tourists from around the world come to visit this site every year.

Luxury Resort

Tropical Luxury Resort is a resort located on the river bank of River Volta in Volta region. It is a place of a lot of entertainment.

Sankofa Tour

Sankofa Tour takes you to slave castles and slave markets such as Cape Coast castle at Cape Coast, Elmina castle at Elmina, Slave river site or Salaga slave market at Salaga at a cost of $ 212.20.
"Sankofa" means back to the root, so we take you to where the Black Americans came from, by exposing you to the history, the culture and traditions of the ancestors and of the people currently living on the land.

Accra City Tour

Accra city Tour gives a fair idea about the capital of Ghana as you visit places like Kwame Nkrumah museum, Black Star Square/Independence Square, Art center, Accra Zoo at $ 70.
The city of Accra is located at the south of the country and along the coastal line of Gulf of Guinea, with beautiful beaches.

Cook Like Locals

Cook like a local in Ghana. This package is exclusively for tourists who would like to live among the local people and learn to prepare the local dishes. The price starts from $ 80 for 4 hours.